Reckless cast announced!

We had a great turnout at auditions for our December Mainstage production of Reckless by Craig Lucas. I love this show because it recognizes both the beautiful and the really crappy parts of Christmas. And of life. And it’s dark and funny as hell. And it’s sweet and lovely. It’s like a cartoon sandwich on reality bread. I needed a cast that could not only understand that, but bring it to life in about 4 and a half weeks. Judging by our recent read-through and subsequent character discussion, I found them.

Without further adieu, I’d like to introduce you to them:

In the role of Rachel – Rachel Teagle

As Tom, Tom Jr. & Man in Ski Mask – Joshua Lucius Ives

As Lloyd – Robb Ecker

As Pooty, Talk Show Host, Female Reporter – Anne Robichaud Collin

As Trish, Sue, Female Patient – Rebecca Meakin

As Roy, First Derelict – Johnny Piefer

As Doctors 1-6 – Lisa Ives

As Tim Timko, Second Derelict – Lisa DelCegno


Our Illustrious Stage Manager is Dawn Piscitelli

Our Producer is Scott Hoffman

Jill Dvorsky is our Assistant Director

And I am our director. And I’m really, really excited about Christmas for the first time since my dad told me the tinsel had to be placed carefully on the tree, one piece at a time, and that the ends of every piece had to be even. That was a rough day. This is a great one.