Scavenger Cast Announcement!

Hello Hole in the Wall Family,

We hope all of you have been staying safe and sound as the Summer is creeping close to an end. As the heat slowly diminishes into the crisp season of ghouls and goblins, Hole in the Wall is still trying do what it can to keep you entertained.

Currently in the works is Scavenger! A brand new, original production from the mind of Richard Sebastian-Coleman. Together with Richard, as well as producer, George Sebastian-Coleman, and director, John Bosco, Hole in the Wall has assembled a cast to bring to life this new Halloween treat!

Alex – Terrance Peters (Hartford, CT)

Jordan – Danell Reese (Hartford, CT)

Scavenger – Jordan Wassil (New Britain, CT)/Sydney Yargeau (Watertown, CT)

Park Ranger – Keith Nelson (Madison, CT)

The production is in its beginning stages, but HITW aims to scare you this Halloween, so keep an eye out on this very website as well as our Facebook page and Info Group so you don’t miss the scares!