Start the Summer at HITW!

Hello Hole in the Wall Family!

June has brought the warm weather and will soon be bringing the Summer! So, for all the folks looking for Summer fun in New Britain, look no further than us at Hole in the Wall! We have opportunities galore to entertain you, so read on to see what’s coming up.

First up, the last weekend for our current show: Scott Stephen Kegler’s Champagne and Licorice! With Christina Giannelli directing, the story of one young lady’s New Year’s trip back home is a tale of laughs, tears, and a drunk part-time clown who ends up a member of the party! This is your last chance, and tickets are available online or at the door for $20 ($15 for students and seniors). Don’t miss an emotion-fueled story that came from the genius mind behind our season’s first show, Final Arrangements. The last weekend is Friday, June 7th, and Saturday, June 8th (both at 8pm)!

If you can’t quite get enough of Mr. Kegler’s work, be sure to stop by HITW on Saturday, June 22nd, for a staged reading of The Trouble with Space Cannibals! Co-written by Mr. Kegler and Bill Arnold (the mind behind Attack of the Space Nymphos from Uranus and School for Manners), the show takes a look back at old school sci-fi TV as it follows a hapless space crew whose reckless management decisions are coming back to (literally) bite them. The reading will be at 8pm, tickets are $10 at the door and online. Come see this sneak preview of what’s to come at our next season at Hole in the Wall!

With the end of one show comes the preparations for the next. Our next show is Eric Coble’s bizarre take on religion in the modern world, Virtual Devotion. Directed by Luis Marerro, the story revolves around a ragtag group including: a televangelist forced to reconsider what a sinner is, a local lady claiming to see a prophet in her pudding, an overly stressed-out ministry worker forced to find a ton of cash fast, and Jesus Christ risen again and forced to wander through low paying jobs in order to spread his word. Starting June 14th on Fridays (7pm) and Saturdays (12pm), the set will be going up. Any volunteer willing to help out is more than welcome to. The set builds will continue until the show opens on July 19th. Virtual Devotion will run for four weekends until August 10th. Be sure to check out the official cast list and see the old friends and new faces taking part!

For those wanting a quick trip ONTO the stage, we, once again, bring you our monthly Open-Mic Night! On Wednesday, June 26th, we will be opening the stage up to any local entertainers wanting to step into the spotlight. Singing, dancing, magic, we want to see all the talent New Britain has to offer. Sign-ups start at 7pm and it is $5 for all who want to entertain or be entertained. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the show!

More local talent will be coming to us at HITW this month! On Saturday, June 15th, local rock band, Tied to One (whose line-up includes director of last season’s Our House and HITW President, Ryan Wantroba!), will be coming to HITW (along with an opening set by fellow rock band, Shagohod) to party, perform, and celebrate the release of their first EP! Tickets are available now at and they are only $5! It’s BYOB (as everything at HITW is), so don’t miss out on a good time with some good tunes!

Anyone who wants to help with the goings on at HITW is more than welcome to. Ways to do so include donating to our theater via our website. All our money goes back to make more theater. You can also join us on Wednesday, June 12th, for our next general meeting. No cost, just walk through the door and you can find out how to help with the theater, and find out about our brand new upcoming season! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook (as well as join our Info Group), YouTube, and Instagram! We hope we see you at our next show! Thank you!