The North Plan – This Weekend Only!

Hole in the Wall Theater is thrilled to present a full-scale production in their April showcase slot: The North Plan by Jason Wells, produced by Backyard Theater Ensemble. The play is a fast-paced, high-stakes, modern comedy set against the backdrop of a questionable transfer of power in the American government. Carlton Berg, a State Department official, is arrested in small town Lodus, Missouri while on the run with state secrets. With Homeland Security on its way and his back against the wall, he must make allies with the only people around him: the ex-marine Chief of Police Swenson, his administrative officer Shonda, and Tanya Shepke, the motor-mouthed recidivist who had turned herself in for drunk driving. The ensuing drama and hilarity are not to be missed.

The cast and crew are incredibly excited about the piece, and cannot wait to share their enthusiasm with an audience. “What I love about this type of play is how energetic it is. It has more in common with modern, fast-paced television dramas than with standard theater classics,” says actor Ryan Wantroba, “it’s just so much fun to perform.” Director Dina Addorisio shares “I was so drawn to the show because the characters are so colorful and distinct. It was a joy watching the actors bring them to life and find their motivation. The chemistry of the cast is so wonderful and the dynamics between characters are beyond entertaining.”

Backyard Theater Ensemble was formed in 2011 by a group of recent college graduates who had lost their young adult summer theater program to funding cuts. Since then, they have consistently staged high quality theater productions around Connecticut. The North Plan is their fifteenth full production and their first visit to New Britain. BTE Vice President and North Plan actor Chet Ostroski says, “I’m so thrilled to finally work with Hole in the Wall in their unique and great space. Collaboration is where art reaches its maximum potential. And Backyard hopes to collaborate on many more projects in the future.”