Writer’s Block Tonight!

Have you been loving our season featuring CT grown shows? We have too! Tonight at 8:00PM we’re bringing you two hilarious original one-acts by local playwrights for only $10!

First up we have Lunatics, Lovers and Poets written and directed by Scott Stephen Kegler.  Scott also wrote Whacked and A Cup of Joe at the Iffy Fish!

Lunatics, Lovers and Poets features Roy Donnelly, Scott Hoffman, Shane Kegler, Nate Rumney and HITW newcomer Corey Welden.  You’ve loved Roy in everything from Rough Crossing to Romeo and Juliet and Shane Kegler slayed you in A Cup of Joe at the Iffy Fish as Sheriff Murphy.  Scott Hoffman was the director of Iffy Fish and was the hilarious Stephano in The Tempest. Nate was a delight in both Anything Goes and The Tempest and he doesn’t disappoint in this show. Like we said, Corey is new to HITW, but we promise you’ll love him too!

Next we’ve got Muse written by Rachel Teagle and directed by James DeMarco.  Rachel also wrote the upcoming The Impracticality of Modern-Day Mastodons and James was most recently the delightfully disgusting Maurice in A Cup of Joe at the Iffy Fish.


IMG_0185Muse features Samantha Baker, Elizabeth Bernard, Stephanie Layne and Tony Palmieri.  Come on. You know, and love, each of these actors! Half of them were fantastic in Iffy Fish and the other half made the Iffy Fish set look as wonderfully disgusting as it did!

We hope to see you tonight at 8:00PM for our Writer’s Block showcase!  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance right here on our new website or at the door.  As always, HITW is BYOB!