A New Year at HITW!

Hello Hole in the Wall Family! 

The New Year has arrived! We bid 2018 farewell and look onward to a brand-new year filled with brand new possibilities. Like many people, we have our resolutions for 2019 that we are eager to fulfill. The main resolution being the continuation of bringing the arts to the good people of New Britain and beyond. The opportunities are out there, so keep reading to see what they entail! 

With the New Year comes new shows, and our first show of the New Year is a big one. Starting on January 18th, we will be presenting Jane Martin’s Keely and Du, directed by Kristen Bennett! Set in an abandoned basement, we learn the story of Keely, a young woman unwillingly placed in a dire situation. Kidnapped and handcuffed to a bed, we see her story through her eyes as she bonds with one kidnapper, while attempting to come to grips with a decision that may drastically alter her future. The show will be running for nine shows until February 9th. Tickets are $20 ($15 for students/seniors), but if you buy them online, they go for $17 ($12 for students/seniors). You can also join us for our traditional Pay-What-You-Can Night if you are a little more strapped. The curtain rises at 8pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and at 2pm for our Sunday matinee on January 27th. Be the first to see our first show of the year! 

Of course, with the start of a new show begins the prep for the next in our ongoing season. On January 20th and 21st, we will be holding auditions for our adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic Scottish tragedy, Macbeth! Directed by Mallory Spencer, we find our title character in the world of gritty, black and white film noir as we track his rise to the throne and his descent into madness! Auditions will be at the theater and will start at 7pm. The process will involve readings from the script, but monologues are welcome. Requirements and a character list can be found here! So, if you feel that you want to help bring these characters to life, come on by. All are welcome! 

If you want to get in on the entertainment in a more immediate fashion, we’ve got that covered for you! On January 5th, we’ll be holding our first Open-Mic Night of the year in celebration of 2019! If you have talent, we want to see it. Whether it’s singing, dancing, magic, monologues, or some strange combination of all the above, you are more than welcome to come down and show us what you got. $5 dollars gets the entertainers on the stage, and $10 gets the folks looking for a night out into the seats. The doors open at 7:30pm for the entertainers, and 8pm is when the curtain goes up, so don’t miss out. 

If you would like to meet and be part of our family here at HITW, be sure to stop by our General Meeting on Wednesday, January 2nd, at 7pm. The only cost of admission is to step through the doors. Once you do that, you can vote, make your voice heard, and more. All are welcome to come in. If you love theater and want to keep the arts alive in New Britain, you are already a member of our family. 

Keeping a theater going is never easy, and as a non-profit, volunteer run organization, we are always trying to keep things flowing and running. If you feel you can contribute monetarily, please do so. No amount is too small, and we are always welcoming any help given! Either stop by the theater or go here if you wish to leave a donation. 

Never be afraid to look for us online, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube! The New Year has begun, and we look forward to all of you joining us in our theater adventures. Thank you!