This Fall at HITW!

Hello Hole in the Wall Friends and Family!!!

The Summer is slowly coming to a close and Fall 2020 is soon to begin. While 2020 has definitely dampened many spirits, we at Hole in the Wall Theater are still trying to do what we do best and that is entertain you, and you don’t even have to leave the house! Keep on reading to for an update at what’s to come.

Right now, a brand-new horror is coming to life in New Britain. Currently in production is a filmed adaptation of the brand new, original script by Richard Sebastian-Coleman, Scavenger! The story is of two college friends getting ready for a weekend getaway in the Rocky Mountains. Little do they know, a hungry entity is waiting inside their cabin. Trapped between the snow and wild outside, and shadowy forces inside, the two may have to make a choice that will haunt them forever.

Produced by George Sebastian-Coleman, and directed by John R. Bosco, Scavenger updates will be on the horizon, including our cast list here on We’re aiming for a Halloween release, so keep your eyes peeled for Scavenger to come out of the shadows during the scariest time of the year.

While Scavenger is working in the shadows, another production will be reaching you online this very month. On Saturday, September 26th, at 7pm, HITW is presenting Say Our Names… For one night only, we will holding a night of art and performance with local performers in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement. In a time of turbulence that is the year of 2020, join us on a night of coming together and sharing the stories, the struggles, and hope for the future.

For those looking to get involved with upcoming works at HITW, we have an announcement. HITW will soon be holding auditions for a streamed production of This is Our Youth by Kenneth Lonergan. Set in a Manhattan apartment, we follow the misadventures of three young people that all starts with a briefcase of stolen money. Directed by Terrance Peters and produced by Jesse Burke, auditions will be held online at 6pm starting September 24th.

We hope everyone is staying safe during these trying times. We know it has not been easy, which is why we aim to lift your spirits in anyway we can. Follow us on Facebook (and join our info group), Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to stay informed on what’s to come and don’t be scared to donate to us on our website (every bit counts to keep the theater going). So, in the meantime, stay safe and one day we hope to see you on the stage again.